You may think that this has nothing to do with designy stuff but frankly you’d be wrong!
The look of the Watchmen film is fantastic! The director,  Zack Snyder has quite a reputation for making visually impressive films, 300 being his most famous to date. At times dark and shadowy at others vibrant with shockingly bright colour the stylised comic book look of Watchmen is a treat.

I particularly liked the 40’s scenes, the colours are rich and have the feel of an aged vintage photograph.  Carla Gugino looks amazing as Sally Jupiter in her younger days as The Silk Spectre.


A number of pin up images were created for the film.

I really enjoy taking inspiration from films. Cinematography is an art form I’d really like to know more about and it is certainly something im going to be doing a bit more research into.

Here are a couple of other films that are visually wonderful:

  • Amelie – Jean-Pierre Jeunet – beautiful colours and images.
  • The Science of Sleep  – Michel Gondry – wierd and fun props including the textile characters of Lauri Faggioni (shame about the story though).
  • Anything by Wes Anderson! Particularly The Darjeeling Limited and The Life Aquatic –  amazingly colourful, detailed and beautiful films!

P.S  Watchmen was an awesome film I thoroughly enjoyed it!
P.P.S Read the graphic novel before you see it…you can get it here.