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I found some fantastical paper manipulation today so I had to do another blog…oof two in one week! 🙂

Firstly its the Chanel Spring/Summer 09 catwalk show, now it seems that this is fairly oldish news but I hadnt seen it until today and its amaaaaazing…just WOW!  White paper flowers adorned every inch of the catwalk show. I wish I coulda been there, its like a paper wonderland!
This final image appeals to me most as it is very similar to my own work  —>jealous<—
In all there were 7000 handmade paper flowers which took 4800 hours to make from 4000 square metres of white paper! *faints*

Irritatingly I cant for the life of me find the exact artist who inspired me to write this blog! I’ll have another look tomorrow and make an edit…

However whilst hunting for him I came across these equally wonderous paper cutters!

Jen Stark:jenstark
Kako Ueda:
kakouedaJust amazing!

I’ll add the guy I couldnt find tomorrow…for now I’m off to cut some paper!!!


Whilst meandering my way through various artsy blogs this morning, I came across the awesome Hello! Lucky

They are a design company dealing in letterpress and various other printy bits, creating cards, wrap and invitations for clients including Liberty.

Now, I  don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet but…I LOVE LETTERPRESS! (there will be much more of this in the future)

The designs at Hello! Lucky are really beautiful and fun, here are some of my favourites: hellolucky1
As you can see I love Mr Sock Monkey, he’s so cute! nawww

Hello! Lucky also have a wonderful blog which you can find here or in my blogroll.

Whilst perusing the internet this evening I came across this awesome website!

These guys have collected all sorts of found bits and pieces over the years and produced a couple of books and an annual magazine in the process, (theres also a ‘dirty’ edition due to the overwhelming amount of filth people find! haha)

I love the idea of discovering snippets of other peoples lives in unlikely places, it has a wonderful, real life Amelie feel to it…..though most of the notes arent quite as  magical and romantic as you might hope, there is the odd gem.
The discriptions by the ‘finders’ make the images complete.



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