The other day I noticed a photo posted on twitter by Katy Perry (yes I know I’m cool :P), a lovely box of brightly coloured treats! On closer inspection I discovered that they were macaroons! Apparently not just any macaroons, THE macaroons by Parissian bakery Laduree.
Whilst looking on Design* Sponge today I found a recepie…and now I’m obsessed!
I love the idea of sitting in a sunny park in Paris eating these crazy flavoured delecacies, Sophia Coppola’s image of Marie Antoinette is where I want to be….minus the beheadding bit at the end! :/
In a more designy way…I love the colours…they are so bright, yet muted! Lovely! I’m very much inspired!
ladureeYUM! I’m gona attempt to bake some of these next week…maybe I’ll post a photo if they turn out ok!