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A while ago I said I would do a post about Claire Coles, and finally here it is!

I came across her work about 4 years ago whilst preparing my very first project for the beginning of Uni! At the time I was really into my sewing machine and her work  and success made me excited for my future. Anyways, I saw some of her wallpaper in a blog recently and thought I should do a post about her as I was so inspired by it as a budding designer. Also its an excuse to show off some of my work for the first time!

So, here are some of my favourite Claire Coles pieces:

And now some of my ‘First Year’ Claire Coles inspired work. I handcut loads of tiny flowers from recycled envelopes and stitched 3 lengths of vintage wallpaper, I  also created some stitched wallpaper accessories, all very eco. I’m quite impressed at my motivation back then! Haha! If anyones interested in any of this work, of course contact me! (p.s sorry about the photo quality here)

mywallpapers copy
I love the idea of stitching into wallpaper to create new detail and texture, but my favourite Claire Coles Piece is the stitched table I think its such a beautiful idea. Maybe something to think about relating to my last post about Restoration!


I’ve known about Design*Sponge for a while, its a really great blog (you’ll find it in my blog roll) with sections on trends, sneak peeks at designers work, guides on places and other stuff, lots of guest bloggers and even recepies! (see my Macaroon blog)

Best of all is the Before and After section! People send in before and after photos of their DIY restoration projects and they’re really great! I’m so inspired! Can’t wait to move into my flat (whenever and wherever that may be) and get some awesome junk furniture to restore!
I love the beautiful fabrics, bright colours and interesting paintings people use to revive their objects!

Here are a few of my favourites:before and after

I love how inventive the ideas are and that nothing is too small to restore! Even some new Ikea products have been given a personality all of their own…check out the rest of the blog and the Before and Afters, the archive goes back to 2004 so theres no shortage of exciting things to look at 🙂

Mustaches seem to be very popular at the moment! In all areas of design! Here are some lovely tashes (courtesy of Cat and Charlotte :))
I especially like the cup and saucer and the salt and pepper pots!

And just to prove how much I love ’em heres a pic of me rocking the Monopoly man look a couple of years back! 🙂


I just came across this on a random blog trip!


Pretty amazing ey?! Its by Wataru Itou an art student from Tokyo. It is made entirely out of paper, took over 4 years to make and is complete with electric lights and a moving train! Awesome!

See more here

This is just a speedy post but I’ll be back with a bit about ‘Clare Coles’ when I get the time, hopefully this weekend 🙂


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