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So its Halloween! And thats spooky!
So here is a spooky post 🙂
Yesterday someone put a couple of photos on the blog at work of Bradford Odeon which is about the be bulldozed, the images of the decaying cinema really inspired me. After a bit more snooping I’ve found all sorts of amazing photos of abandoned buildings, turns out ‘Urban Exploration’ is a bit of a cool thing to do! I might have to go on an adventure!

Severalls Mental Hospital, Colchester.

West Park Asylum, Surrey.

Ashworth Secure Hospital, Mersyside.

These next photos are by the lovely Mr Christopher Harker, I do hope he doesn’t mind me including them. Theyre just too amazing to leave off this post though!


There are loads of forums and things where photos such as this, and tips about Urban Exploration can be found, just do a Google!

Heres the one I found most of the best pics off though.

Have a lovely Halloween everyone!


Wow! Not blogged for aaaages! I need to become more regular again!

Anyways I recently began an embroidery project just because I miss sitting down and quietly making something. So the other day I was having a look around the internet for some exciting embroidery related to inspiration and I came across the wonderful Jenny Hart. I had seen her work before as they sell her Sublime Stitching patterns at Tatty Devine, but I had never seen her own work.

Here are some images of her crazy and bright embroidery:


If I’m honest her portraits scare me a little, but they are pretty amazing and I loooove the detail and pattern that goes into it all.

Take a look at her website and blogs, Embroidery as Art and Sublime Stitching.

Right I’m off to get some stitching done…exciting! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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