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I was just hunting for jewellery inspiration and got all excited about laser cut rings! Theres some really fun things out there—>

These cool bits are by Steven Shein unfortunately his website was so rediculously flashy I couldn’t even look at it but maybe you can and maybe you’ll find some awesome jewellery on there cos I love all of this!

And the next bits are by the originals and the best…Tatty Devine!

I pretty much have to own that mustache ring!! Ace!


Soo this is a little bit of an exciting post because for once its to do with my own work!

On 2nd December I’ll be taking part in a little Christmas craft fair at Baildon:

Heres a sneakedy peek at some of the things I’m working on!

(Apologies for the poorish picture quality)

Hope you like them, keep an eye out for more of the same in my Etsy shop soon!! 🙂

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