Tonight I made some Custard Creams and they taste AWESOOOOMMEEE!!! (even if I do say so myself haha!)

Here they are:


I have Nigella’s recipe to thank, here it is 🙂

175g plain flour
3 tbsp custard powder
1 tsp baking powder
50g unsalted butter, cubed
50g vegetable shortening (I didn’t use this just did 100g butter)
3 tbsp caster sugar
1 egg
1 tbsp milk

Custard Cream:
1 tbsp custard powder
100g  icing sugar
50g soft unsalted butter
1 tsp boiling water

1) Preaheat oven to 180oc. For the biscuits mix flour, custard powder and baking powder. Add butter and shortening whizz it in the mixer. Whizz in the sugar then gradually beat in egg and milk until you have a ball of dough (you may not need it all, I used it all and think it was a bit sticky) . Wrap dough in clingfilm and rest in fridge for 20 min.

2) Roll dough to around 4mm and use cutter to cut out shapes. Place on lined baking tray and bake for 15 min. Cool on rack before sandwiching them.

3) To make custard cream, mix icing sugar and custard cream then beat in butter until you have a cream. Add boiling water and beat again.

4) Sandwich each biscuit with about 1 tsp of custard cream.

Great! Cheers Nigella…nomnomnom!

And to brighten up the post here’s a lovely patterned card, featuring baked goods by Showler and Showler from Not on The Highstreet…