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…except I live on top of a hill so it’s too much like hard work!

Instead, I’ve put together a pretty selection of bike related things as I am a bit obsessed at the moment…I’m working on a couple of new pieces for the shop at the mo so hopefully they’ll be on sale tomorrow.

Top Right: Beautiful hand printed bicycle scarf from Jenna Rose Handmade.
Centre: Pashley, Poppy Bike.
Middle Left: Le Fameux Tandem from Letterpress Delicacies.
Bottom: Screen printed bicycle card from 2 & 21

I decided to give Frankii Tonge her own blog post separate from the one I did yesterday about the Manchester Degree Shows as her work really caught my imagination.

Frankii studied 3D design, which seemed to be a bit of everything, there was a bit of jewellery, a bit of ceramics a bit of glass and some furniture. (Unless I got confused and merged a load of separate courses together |: )

She describes her work as “Alternative Approaches to Contemporary Adornment”…

Basically she has created beautiful, delicate replicas of dead birds using metal work, fabric, feathers, ceramics and various techniques, though it took me a while to figure out that they weren’t actually birds! This may seem a little gruesome, but they were incredibly beautiful, she had caught the fragility of a tiny bird perfectly.

From her card: “A macabre body of work that highlights the inhumanity of humankind and a personal solace in nature. Creating objects and wearables, which are intended to evoke a sense of unease and broadcast ones overriding opinions surrounding animal welfare. A combination of precious materials and found objects are introduced to become crafted narrative jewels.”

Fantastic work!

She has her own blog with more pics and stuff…check it out!

So, yesterday I pootled off to Manchester to have a nosey around the degree shows, and I thought I’d share a little bit of what I saw.

My favourite section was definitely the textiles, though I suppose I’m a bit biased. ‘Textiles For Fashion’ as it was titled (though I think it was previously BA Embroidery) was full of exciting and innovative work, great use of colour and some unusual materials and techniques.

Grace Hamilton – knitted chains, lovely colour!

Ashley Millward – beautiful, detailed embroidery, big metal elements contrasting with intricate stitch.

Leanne Richards – absolutely fantastic colour! Beautiful geometric designs, which were displayed as very cool bus seats!

Apparently I’m loving grey combined with citrus bright colours and geometics at the mo!

Thats that for today, but there’s some 3D design to come tomorrow…

Well done to all the graduates for such a fab and inspiring show!

I am in loooovveee with Rifle Paper Co...and keep seeing it everywhere, so it seems like everyone else is too!

Here are some of my favourite bits…

Wonderful! Can’t wait for the Wedding stationary and party invites which are coming soon!

Today I created my first ever treasury on Etsy…let me know what you think! Now I need to go outside and actually enjoy the sunshine (:

I am in love with peonies! But I can’t find them anywhere ): how I long for a kilner jar bursting with them to sit on my windowsill! I’m going to hunt them down…but until then, here are some beautiful peony pictures…

I was mooching around in the photo studio at work the other day and came across a mesmerising inspiration board about Bokeh! I am now on a mission to learn how and create some beautiful Bokeh!

Here are some lovely examples of the technique…

Lovely! Wikipedia does an explanation of the technical jazz.

Seems like Fridays home alone always turn in to bakery nights!

Today I bought the Humming Bird Bakery cook book (bit late I know) and decided to make Coconut and Pineapple Cupcakes (I wasn’t very keen on the idea but those are the ones my Mum requested : P )

Anyways they looook sooooooo goooood nomnomnom! Dunno about the taste yet I’m waiting for the frosting to set a bit ( I got a bit carried away adding coconut milk and it went a teensy bit over to runny) Also I tasted so much as I was going along I now feel a bit sickly haha serves me right, anyways heres a picture of my triumph!

Now I just need a cake stand, like one of these beautiful pieces by Whitney Smith, whose ceramics I absolutely love!

I abso-flippin-lutely LOVE
kinda makes me wish I still had short hair cos I wore headbands allll the time when I did…but when it gets long, I will again and they will all be from beautiful!

Here are some of my favourites : bride black label

heart by

Super cute! ooh theres too many to choose from I wish I had better hair and more money hehe!

Also, there are  a couple of lovely posts about a visit to their studio over at Oh Joy! I love their photo wall and all the pretty things for making headbands!!! Ooh!


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