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I decided to give Frankii Tonge her own blog post separate from the one I did yesterday about the Manchester Degree Shows as her work really caught my imagination.

Frankii studied 3D design, which seemed to be a bit of everything, there was a bit of jewellery, a bit of ceramics a bit of glass and some furniture. (Unless I got confused and merged a load of separate courses together |: )

She describes her work as “Alternative Approaches to Contemporary Adornment”…

Basically she has created beautiful, delicate replicas of dead birds using metal work, fabric, feathers, ceramics and various techniques, though it took me a while to figure out that they weren’t actually birds! This may seem a little gruesome, but they were incredibly beautiful, she had caught the fragility of a tiny bird perfectly.

From her card: “A macabre body of work that highlights the inhumanity of humankind and a personal solace in nature. Creating objects and wearables, which are intended to evoke a sense of unease and broadcast ones overriding opinions surrounding animal welfare. A combination of precious materials and found objects are introduced to become crafted narrative jewels.”

Fantastic work!

She has her own blog with more pics and stuff…check it out!


Today I’m excited by magpies!

I spotted this lovely fabric on Blueberry Park’s blog whilst mooching about the interweb and it really inspired me! It is by Pippijoe she has some lovely prints so check em out!

Here are some more wonderful Magpie bits:

From top: Pendant from The Mymble’s Daughter – Etsy, One for Sorrow Two for Joy Print from Champignons – Etsy, Magpies Necklace from Tatty Devine.

Lovely, I’m off to do a bit of magpie doodling, I think it’ll be a cool image to go along with my bejewelled ring lace from the last post!

I’ve known about Design*Sponge for a while, its a really great blog (you’ll find it in my blog roll) with sections on trends, sneak peeks at designers work, guides on places and other stuff, lots of guest bloggers and even recepies! (see my Macaroon blog)

Best of all is the Before and After section! People send in before and after photos of their DIY restoration projects and they’re really great! I’m so inspired! Can’t wait to move into my flat (whenever and wherever that may be) and get some awesome junk furniture to restore!
I love the beautiful fabrics, bright colours and interesting paintings people use to revive their objects!

Here are a few of my favourites:before and after

I love how inventive the ideas are and that nothing is too small to restore! Even some new Ikea products have been given a personality all of their own…check out the rest of the blog and the Before and Afters, the archive goes back to 2004 so theres no shortage of exciting things to look at 🙂


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