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Hi everyone! It’s been such a long time since I’ve written a blog it makes me sad ):

Anyways I have something worth posting for once…for the last few weeks I’ve been busy designing and cutting away for an exhibition at The Butterfly Rooms in Saltaire which opened on Saturday night.

Here are a few pics…

The exhibition runs until 1st December so theres plently of time to nip down and have a look if you fancy (:

Its all new work and I’d really appreciate any opinions so let me know what you think!!! (:


A follow on from yesterday’s post about bicycles and how pretty I think they are, here’s a look at what I’ve been doing today:

All pieces © Hannah Greenwood 2010

I’ve been cutting bicycles all day!

From top: “His & Her’s”, available in my Etsy shop now!
Middle: Bicycle repeat pattern, cut from green vinyl mounted on clear acrylic (scanned with yellow or white backing).
Bottom: Large yellow bicycle paper cut.

Let me know what you think!

I’m starting a new project and I’m starting it properly…with a moodboard!

I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy with it so I may change this post but for now, this is what I have produced.

I  love making mood boards and I don’t do it often enough, so here is the start of my new woodland project with hopes of slightly warmer times to come. I intend to do some cut designs and some surface pattern to go with them, a proper collection, I’m really excited!

(Images from: Design*Sponge, Tord Boontje, Tsuru Bride, Vintage Printable, Liberty)

Totally amazing! The beautiful art of Audrey Kawasaki

Also check out her online journal for cool behind the scenes info

Had a bit of a doodle yesterday inspired by my last post about magpies here’s what I came up with!

Greedy Magpies – Cut from silver glitter paper

Thats it for now but I’m going to keep working on a few more magpie pieces I think…

© Hannah Greenwood 2010

Today I’m excited by magpies!

I spotted this lovely fabric on Blueberry Park’s blog whilst mooching about the interweb and it really inspired me! It is by Pippijoe she has some lovely prints so check em out!

Here are some more wonderful Magpie bits:

From top: Pendant from The Mymble’s Daughter – Etsy, One for Sorrow Two for Joy Print from Champignons – Etsy, Magpies Necklace from Tatty Devine.

Lovely, I’m off to do a bit of magpie doodling, I think it’ll be a cool image to go along with my bejewelled ring lace from the last post!

Hi Everyone!

And Happy New Year!

I’m really excited about 2010 hopefully it’ll be a good one for my designing and blog. At some point I’ll be getting a lovely new website which will combine both my blog and existing website, there should also be a lot more items available in my Etsy shop from now on, take a look 🙂

So, I’ve already been trying to get as much work done as possible and yesterday whilst trapped at home due to the snow I did a few new pieces. I hope you like what you see, the cut out will be available on Etsy from this afternoon.

P.S I promise to stop plugging myself and do some actual blogs soon 😉

Ring A Ding Ding – A new design, organic lace form made up of beautiful rings. I cut this in about 5 mins using my new robot friend it would have previously taken me hours to do by hand. This means I’ll be able to offer some pieces at more affordable prices!

Tiffany Rings – a repeat pattern designed using the same elements as the paper cut lace. I’m going to start doing more pattern design using my illustrations, cos I love it!

Cheers for looking, hope you liked it!

© Hannah Greenwood 2010

Here are a couple of pics of the work I have applied to put into the Noise Festival shop which is going to pop up in Mancester pretty soon by all accounts.

I hope they like em! It’d be so great so exhibit there!

These hand cut pieces are also for sale, and for commission so if you would like one don’t hesitate to contact me! 🙂

© Hannah Greenwood 2009

Wow! Not blogged for aaaages! I need to become more regular again!

Anyways I recently began an embroidery project just because I miss sitting down and quietly making something. So the other day I was having a look around the internet for some exciting embroidery related to inspiration and I came across the wonderful Jenny Hart. I had seen her work before as they sell her Sublime Stitching patterns at Tatty Devine, but I had never seen her own work.

Here are some images of her crazy and bright embroidery:


If I’m honest her portraits scare me a little, but they are pretty amazing and I loooove the detail and pattern that goes into it all.

Take a look at her website and blogs, Embroidery as Art and Sublime Stitching.

Right I’m off to get some stitching done…exciting! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A while ago I said I would do a post about Claire Coles, and finally here it is!

I came across her work about 4 years ago whilst preparing my very first project for the beginning of Uni! At the time I was really into my sewing machine and her work  and success made me excited for my future. Anyways, I saw some of her wallpaper in a blog recently and thought I should do a post about her as I was so inspired by it as a budding designer. Also its an excuse to show off some of my work for the first time!

So, here are some of my favourite Claire Coles pieces:

And now some of my ‘First Year’ Claire Coles inspired work. I handcut loads of tiny flowers from recycled envelopes and stitched 3 lengths of vintage wallpaper, I  also created some stitched wallpaper accessories, all very eco. I’m quite impressed at my motivation back then! Haha! If anyones interested in any of this work, of course contact me! (p.s sorry about the photo quality here)

mywallpapers copy
I love the idea of stitching into wallpaper to create new detail and texture, but my favourite Claire Coles Piece is the stitched table I think its such a beautiful idea. Maybe something to think about relating to my last post about Restoration!


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