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I’m ready for summer, or spring at least!…which mean bicycles and bunting….soo I decided to combine them….hope you like it

Cutting out paper bikes with my trusty old scalpel and over worked cutting matt…

Assembling the bunting…



A follow on from yesterday’s post about bicycles and how pretty I think they are, here’s a look at what I’ve been doing today:

All pieces © Hannah Greenwood 2010

I’ve been cutting bicycles all day!

From top: “His & Her’s”, available in my Etsy shop now!
Middle: Bicycle repeat pattern, cut from green vinyl mounted on clear acrylic (scanned with yellow or white backing).
Bottom: Large yellow bicycle paper cut.

Let me know what you think!

Hi everyone! Well, I am really excited today as a new Art Wall room has gone live, which I have the privilege of being included in!
I applied to by sending some work to Katie a while ago, she gave me some really great advice about displaying my work online and chose a piece to be included in the Nursery. Its such a lovely wall with some beautiful pieces, and I love my frame hehe!

Anyways, take a look!

© Hannah Greenwood 2010

Here is the piece featured, it is an unframed butterfly lace cut from cream paper. Hope you like it.

I’ve been oh so busy at the moment with the day job that the bloglet is suffering ): this makes me sad.

But, here are a couple of snaps of the piece I have just finished! White and gold hand cut paper, part lace, part layered butterflies, I’m really pleased with it. More photos to come soon, hopefully going to do a post about my improving photography skills after using some wonderful Etsy blog tips.

Anyway hope you like this piece, let me know what you think.

© Hannah Greenwood 2010

This weekend I made this good luck card I gave one to the lovely Hannah Nunn at the opening of her new shop and kept one for me….

Scanning it in is a nice way to show off the cut work…whaddya think?

Spot the four leaf clover!

© Hannah Greenwood 2010

Hi Everyone!

And Happy New Year!

I’m really excited about 2010 hopefully it’ll be a good one for my designing and blog. At some point I’ll be getting a lovely new website which will combine both my blog and existing website, there should also be a lot more items available in my Etsy shop from now on, take a look 🙂

So, I’ve already been trying to get as much work done as possible and yesterday whilst trapped at home due to the snow I did a few new pieces. I hope you like what you see, the cut out will be available on Etsy from this afternoon.

P.S I promise to stop plugging myself and do some actual blogs soon 😉

Ring A Ding Ding – A new design, organic lace form made up of beautiful rings. I cut this in about 5 mins using my new robot friend it would have previously taken me hours to do by hand. This means I’ll be able to offer some pieces at more affordable prices!

Tiffany Rings – a repeat pattern designed using the same elements as the paper cut lace. I’m going to start doing more pattern design using my illustrations, cos I love it!

Cheers for looking, hope you liked it!

© Hannah Greenwood 2010


I just came across this on a random blog trip!


Pretty amazing ey?! Its by Wataru Itou an art student from Tokyo. It is made entirely out of paper, took over 4 years to make and is complete with electric lights and a moving train! Awesome!

See more here

This is just a speedy post but I’ll be back with a bit about ‘Clare Coles’ when I get the time, hopefully this weekend 🙂

I found some fantastical paper manipulation today so I had to do another blog…oof two in one week! 🙂

Firstly its the Chanel Spring/Summer 09 catwalk show, now it seems that this is fairly oldish news but I hadnt seen it until today and its amaaaaazing…just WOW!  White paper flowers adorned every inch of the catwalk show. I wish I coulda been there, its like a paper wonderland!
This final image appeals to me most as it is very similar to my own work  —>jealous<—
In all there were 7000 handmade paper flowers which took 4800 hours to make from 4000 square metres of white paper! *faints*

Irritatingly I cant for the life of me find the exact artist who inspired me to write this blog! I’ll have another look tomorrow and make an edit…

However whilst hunting for him I came across these equally wonderous paper cutters!

Jen Stark:jenstark
Kako Ueda:
kakouedaJust amazing!

I’ll add the guy I couldnt find tomorrow…for now I’m off to cut some paper!!!


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